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Connecting executives and companies to grow and evolve.

Founded in 2020 and based on decades of local and international experience,

Nostos Search looks to bring together some of the key attributes of Recruitment and Executive Search into one cohesive and bespoke offering.

Nostos looks to partner with businesses and individuals in the Senior Market where traditional Search is too slow and expensive, and where more database driven, traditional and contingent models are not up to the task.

Nostos Search has experience across most industry verticals, with specialism in the following industries:

We can help with Executive Search including:

Nostos Search believes in simple, logical and adaptive searches to help you both in finding a new Executive and a new Role.

We operate across Australia.

We look to offer experienced, practical advice and efficient and bespoke search processes to suit your needs.

Other Advisory

CEO / P&L Search

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Executive Finance

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